8 thoughts on “Reviews & Feedback

  1. I had the pleasure of eating Elena’s very nutritious salad (Seledka pod shuboi) the other evening and was treated with her Torte Souffle Victoria for dessert. Both items were beautiful to look at and wonderful to taste! I recommend them.

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  2. I have had the pleasure of trying multiple items from the Elenas Kitchen menu and I must say every item ive tried has been uniquely delicious. I highly recommend ordering from Elenas Kitchen…..Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

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  3. We tried the pumpkin roll for the first time a year ago – I even took one to work to share with my coworkers for Thanksgiving. Everyone loved it! There were several people who still remembered the roll a year later and kept asking for the recipe.

    Elena’s Pumpkin Roll is perfect: rich, moist, not too sweet, it’s just right. I will never eat a store-bought version again.

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  4. Hi Elena, I had the pleasure of sampling your Torte Souffle “Fantasia” at our mutual friend’s surprise retirement party. If only everything which tastes so delicious could also be made healthy! I can see by this website that all of your desserts are made with the same tender loving care. You have an amazing talent! The people of Indiana are lucky to have you there. 🙂


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