Torte Spartak

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Chocolate ‘Torte Spartak’ is one of the most popular tortes in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Once you try it, you’ll know why!

Here’s my version: It’s 8 inches, made with 8-10 individually baked chocolate with hint of honey layers and frosted with vanilla Bavarian Cream. It weighs in at over 4 pounds of deliciousness.

A great GIFT for any occasion.

Decorations may vary.
Order at least 3 days in advance.
Serves 10+

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Hungarian Torte “Esterhazy”

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Hungarian Torte “Esterhazy”. Named after Prince Paul III Anton Esterházy de Galántha (1786–1866), a member of the Esterházy dynasty and diplomat of the Austrian Empire. It was invented by Budapest confectioners in the late 19th century and soon became one of the most famous cakes in the lands of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.

My version is 8 inches, 6 individually baked layers (meringue with chopped walnuts [optional: almonds] dough), filled with vanilla and hazelnut infused Bavarian creme with white chocolate topping and a dark chocolate design.

Over 2 1/2 pounds, minimum 8 servings.

Treat yourself like Royalty!


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Chocolate Clouds Torte

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Now available, Chocolate Clouds Torte!

4 layers of chocolate cake; the middle of the torte stuffed with cream puffs filled with chocolate Bavarian cream, and surrounded by creamy soufflé. At 9 inches, and over 5 pounds, this one is great for a party. 3 different types of cream; no artificial ingredients. Rich, creamy and delicious, but not overly sweet.

Must order 3 days in advance.

Serves 12+

Price: $35.00

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Some additional ideas for variations:

Crocheted sugar or chocolate globes instead of or in combination with cream puffs for topping, and available with vanilla cake and clouds.



Torte Souffle ‘Mimosa’

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Now available, Torte Souffle Mimosa. Inspired by Spring! 8 inches, over 3 pounds of light, creamy, peachy delight. Not too sweet, low calories, no butter or margarine, but super-tasty!

Serves 10+

Price: $20.00

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Ferrero Rocher Torte

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Inspired by the popular Ferrero Rocher candy, this torte has all the flavors that make them a tasty favorite for all occasions. 9 inch, over 2 1/2 pounds; four layers of rich chocolaty hazelnut flavored delight. Decorated to your specifications (see suggestions below) with real Ferrero Rocher. 10+ servings.

Price: Starting at $30.00 (1/2 torte also available)

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Prague Torte Masterpiece

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A masterpiece of authentic taste! Invented by the pastry chef at the Prague Hotel in Moscow, and only available to its international guests, this delicious torte was later available by order only in a select few other Soviet cities. Now available in Fort Wayne!

9 inch, 4 Chocolate layers, apricot glazed, with hazelnut infused buttercream filling. (Decoration may vary.)

Please order 24-48 hours in advance of your event.*