Adults Only Torte

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Introducing the Elena’s Kitchen Original “Adults Only Torte”. Layers and cream are generously infused with White Chocolate Irish Cream Liquor, for a unique taste sensation. Definitely not for children! (However, you can order the non-alcoholic Hazelnut infused version as an option that is kid friendly)

Two combination chocolate / vanilla layers, 8 inches, over 4 pounds, with chocolate chip accents. Decoration may vary.

Rich, buttery, and deliciously creamy! Serves 10+

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Custom Easter Eggs

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Here’s a great idea for a fancy centerpiece for your Easter table… handcrafted European, old world style, naturally dyed and decorated Easter Eggs.

These are made by a special technique using large WHITE eggs, hard boiled to perfection and dyed simultaneously, using dill and parsley as stencils. The dye is from a natural, non-toxic source that won’t come off on your fingers, or leach through the shell.

Incredible, edible and uniquely, naturally beautiful!

No muss, no fuss.

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$10.00 per dozen

Inner Beauty Torte

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p1120478Here’s my newest creation, The “Inner Beauty Torte”.

It’s 9 inches, over 5 pounds of fruity, creamy, crazy delight, wrapped in chocolate “leather” crepes encasing additional “leather” packets filled with a fruity soufflé, revealing a festive, abstract, impressionistic looking inner beauty when the torte is cut.

Rich and sweet. Serves 10+

Toppings and decoration may vary. Great for any event. Serves 10+

unknownA unique taste experience. Try one.

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Torte Deluxe

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Introducing the new Torte Deluxe!

8 inches, made from 2 chocolate sponge layers on top and bottom, with hand-crafted vanilla cake roll filled with chocolate / Nutella spread, topped with and surrounded by my secret recipe hazelnut infused vanilla Bavarian Creme, and sides decorated with sliced almonds.

Over three and a half pounds of Deluxe tastiness! A Perfect GIFT for any occasion.

Rich and sweet. Serves 10+

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elena’s handcrafted cakes and delicious treats

Elena's Kitchen Collage*

There is a saying from the old country: ‘Good food is first tasted with the eyes’.

In Elena’s kitchen, this old saying is never forgotten. Elena herself comes from a long line of cooks – knowledge, skills and recipes passed on from mother to daughter for generations. When you eat from her kitchen you always know you’ll be getting wonderful food, made with fine ingredients.

Delicious cakes, sweets, and savories cooked in a time honored European tradition – fashioned with care – from Elena’s kitchen to your table!

How To Order

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Just send us an email telling us which item(s) you are interested in ordering, along with your phone number, and we will contact you with additional info (current pricing, availability, pic-up location, etc). Serving residents of Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Local pickup only, please. All orders are cash or check only, and can be paid at time of pick-up. Large orders may require a deposit.

We will try to accommodate your time constraints, but please make an effort to order 24-48 hours before your special event.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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I have personally tried several of Elena’s items. They are all delicious and perfect for any occasion. I would highly recommend her.

– Julie