Torte ‘KIEV’

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P1120070Torte Kiev, is not just a symbol of the City of Kiev in Ukraine, but is a celebration of best taste and perfection. In years past, this torte was only available in Kiev, and was a very popular souvenir that visitors would buy to take home for family and friends, to commemorate their visit to one of the world’d most beautiful cities.

Now this unique taste treat is available from Elena’s Kitchen in Fort Wayne. This is NOT a cake-like torte. It is 2 layers of rich, chewy goodness made from  a cashew based meringue, baked to perfection with a secret recipe Bavarian Cream filling and topping.

Now this torte has a new, original variation by Elena: “Kiev at Night”. (<-click for details)

2 layers / 9″        P1120052$30.00 (please order at least 3 days in advance)

Hand crafted from the finest, natural ingredients, Elena’s homemade Torte KIEV is a rare and unique treat!